Summer Class Highlights: Stretch Your Wings

Summer 2023 square - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Celebrate the expansive feeling of summer by taking a class that lifts you up. Enjoy the luxuriously long days by developing a favorite hobby or new skill that lets your spirit soar. Meet new people with similar interests, enjoy the guidance from an expert in a field that interests you, and stretch yourself in new and wonderful ways.

Summer classes are in June, July and August, in person or online, from one to many sessions, daytime and evenings. Topics range from the arts, to wellness, languages, boating, computer technology, job skills, and much more.  

See new classes below, along with seasonal highlights (classes only offered in summer or occasionally), and explore all topics on the orange navigation bar above.


Food and Cooking Through Science   

Gain a deeper insight into what’s going on when you cook and bake! Whether you are a home cook or a professional, you can become a better cook with a little knowledge about the science of food and cooking. Fall in love with cooking as well as the beauty of nature and the amazing world we live in.

  • 8 Mon, 6/26-8/14, 5-8pm; instructor: Michael Silver; on Capitol Hill

Chocolate Making: from Bean to Bar

Are you a chocolate lover and want to become a chocolate maker? Dive into the fascinating and delicious world of craft chocolate! Enjoy a hands-on experience with every step in chocolate making.

  • 7 Tue, 6/27-8/15, 5-8pm; instructor: Michael Silver; on Capitol Hill


Summer offers a bounty of art classes! See ALL art & photography classes. New and seasonal classes include:

Impressionist Painting    

Do you admire the paintings of the Impressionists? Learn their unique brushstrokes and methods to make your own beautiful paintings. For the summer class, we will be painting in the beautiful Pacific NW outdoors = plein air!

  • 8 Wed, 6/28-8/16, 6:30-8:30pm; instructor: Georgetta Gancarz; at various Seattle locations 

Phone Photography: Focus on Composition 

Is your phone your main, or your only, camera? That is true for many people these days. Learn how to get excellent results with the handy and powerful camera in your pocket. 

Fashion Illustration

Express your ideas with fashion illustration! Learn to draw the fashion figure and represent clothing on the body accurately in this favorite class only offered in summer.

  • 7 Thu, 6/29-8/10, 5:30-8:30pm; instructor: Philip Estrada; on Capitol Hill

Discover Amazing Art: Italy

Are you interested in art and want to immerse yourself in the rich art and art history of Italy? Delve into the fascinating worlds of Italian art and artists, from the year 1100 to today, in this engaging class. 

Drawing from Observation   

Learn how to draw what you see! This class is a great next step after an introductory drawing class, though no prior experience is needed.

  • 8 Thu, 6/29-8/17, 1-3:30pm; instructor: Yulia Chubotin; on Capitol Hill


Elevate your writing this summer and gain a support group. See ALL writing classes.

Writer's Workshop: Encouragement & Craft

Cultivate your writing dreams! Explore the hurdles that keep writers from either starting or finishing -- whether it’s fiction, memoir, or a short story.

  • 4 Fri, 7/7-7/28, 10-11:30a; instructor: EC Murray; on Capitol Hill


Get ready for your next trip or travel vicariously (in space and time)!

Trip Planning Workshop

Planning a big trip? Get help in your trip planning from an experienced international traveler and tourist industry professional.

  • 2 Thu, 7/13 & 7/20, 10am-noon; instructor: Toi Woosley; on Capitol Hill

Around the World Adventures  
Travel the world vicariously! Go on a trip around the globe, through stories and photos from world traveler Charlie Burch.

Vikings in Scotland & Ireland

Did you know that the Vikings raided Scotland? Learn about the Scandinavian expansion and its ramifications on the people of Scotland and Ireland.

The Picts of Scotland

Words like "mysterious" are often used when describing the people called the Picts. Learn about these ancient people from Scotland and their fascinating history and culture.

The Romans in Scotland

Did you know that the Romans invaded Caledonia (now called Scotland), but never conquered the people? Explore this fascinating chapter in history and the consequences that can still be seen today.


Broaden your world through language! Enjoy American Sign Language, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Yiddish, as well as translation & interpretation. See ALL Language Academy classes. New and seasonal highlights include: 

Lunchtime English: Current Events

Are you learning English and interested in practicing your conversation skills with other language learners? Join this casual and engaging class and discuss what is happening in our world today. 

  • 5 Wed, 7/12-8/9, noon-1:30pm; instructor: Suzanne  Anderson; on Capitol Hill            

Translation Quality Assurance: Reviewing, Editing & Proofreading

What do translation reviewers do to deliver a desired level of quality in translation services? In this class, explore the fasincating translation review process.


These diverse daytime classes are designed for seniors and open to everyone. New classes for summer include:

Dance for Fun

Did you know that dance plays a key role in memory and learning? Discover how dance can have a positive effect on the brain, as well as the body, as you age.

  • 7 Tue, 6/27-8/15, 10-11:30am; instructor: Edna Daigre; on Capitol Hill

Let's Chat: Philosophy

Join in fascinating discussions on influential philosophical concepts like Stoicism and Existentialism, and explore how they can help you navigate the complexities of daily life.

Basic Computer Skills for Seniors

Technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives. Gain more familiarity and understanding of computers to feel more confident doing whatever you need to do!

Living Well: Medicare and You (free!)

Do you have ongoing questions about Medicare? Join us for a weekly discussion group focused on various aspects of the program each week. Get your questions answered!

  • 8 Mon, 6/26-8/14, 10am-noon; instructors: Larry Cole and Connie T.; on Capitol Hill

See ALL Broadway Hill Club classes.


Anchors aweigh! All hands on deck for summer classes, including:

Advanced Boat Handling: Intro to Z-Drives  

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at driving a Z-drive vessel? Now's your chance! This hands-on class takes place in Seattle Maritime Academy's full mission bridge simulator--it's as close as you can get to the real thing without having to buy a boat.

  • 4 days, Mon-Thu, 7/31-8/3, 6-8pm; instructor: Mark Pickett; in Ballard (at Seattle Maritime Academy)

Outboard Motor Maintenance: Beyond Basics

This class builds on the skills taught in our Outboard Motor Maintenance: Basics class. Gain hands-on experience performing the most useful maintenance tasks. These practices will prolong the life of your outboard motor while saving you money!

  • Thu, 7/13, 6-9pm; instructor: Danny Blanchard; in Ballard (at Seattle Maritime Academy)

See ALL boating classes.


Learn about upcoming classes and programs including Certificate in Grantwriting and our Translation and Interpretation program -- bring your questions and meet the instructor; online. 

You can also enjoy three free workshops, two on Medicare and one called Leadership and No Blame Problem Solving

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