Translation And Interpretation Certificate Programs

Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegeWith the continual increase in globalization in recent decades, the demand for translation and interpretation services has grown significantly across many industries. Professional translators and interpreters work in a variety of  fields locally, and all over the world. The need for these services in both government and business will continue to be vital.

Our Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program helps people with advanced language skills develop career opportunities in the language service industry. By participating in this program, you will boost the professional knowledge and skills needed to work successfully in the translation and interpretation industry.

The is a fast-paced and intensive professional training program. Highlights include:

  • One of the few non-credit certificate programs of its kind in the U.S.
  • Comprehensive up-to-date training provided by experienced working professionals
  • Practical hands-on practice and skill-building in translation and interpreting
  • Consultation with a specialized advisor

This program includes two levels, starting with Translation and Interpretation Fundamentals Certificate Program followed by two specialized options, Translation Practical Certificate and Interpretation Practical Certificate. You can take just one, or take both for well-rounded training. See below for more information and a Free Info Session at the bottom of the page.

Translation and Interpretation Fundamentals Certificate

This is the first level of our program, designed for people with advanced language skills who have never taken a career-oriented program. Develop basic knowledge and skills that you will need before practicing as a professional translator or interpreter. Learn everything from ethics to technology for translators and interpreters, as well as how to market yourself, and how to deliver translation and interpreting services as a knowledgeable professional. 

This program includes four 15-hour classes that can be done for any spoken language pairs:

Translation or Interpretation Practical Certificate

After completing your Translation and Interpretation Fundamentals Certificate Program (above), you can continue your studies and advance your skills. The following specialized Practical Certificates are designed for people new to the field and also for working professionals who would like to gain more practical skills.

Choose one, or take both:

Translation Practical Certificate

Practice translating a variety of texts, for example, articles and documents from newspapers, user guides, medical journals, legal documents, etc. This program includes two 15-hour classes:

Interpretation Practical Certificate

Practice consecutive and simultaneous interpretation as well as sight translation in a variety of topics. This program includes two 15-hour classes:

  • Interpreting Skills I (offered in future quarters)
  • Interpreting Skills II (offered in future quarters)

Bilingual Career: How to Become a Professional Translator and Interpreter

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NOTIS logoThese programs are offered in partnership with the Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS).