The Romans in Scotland

Line of six people dressed as ancient Roman army walking across grassy field

Class Overview

Did you know that the Romans invaded Caledonia (now called Scotland), but never conquered the people? Explore this fascinating chapter in history and the consequences that can still be seen today. 

Examine the region and culture before the first Roman invasion, the people the Romans called Caledonii, Picti, or Scotti, the last of whom gave Scotland its name. At that time, the inhabitants of Caledonia (Scotland) found themselves in the sights of several Roman emperors. Discover why Rome was interested in this land, and the building of Hadrian's Wall and Antonine Wall.

Delve into the cultural influences that led to the invasion among the Celtic speaking Picts, as well as Barbarian conspiracy, Roman Christianity and the end of Roman Britain. Explore Rome's invasion as well as what caused the Romans to leave. Discover what remains today that you can see in Scotand today of the Romans and Picts from this era.

This class will be a fascinating exploration for anyone with heritage from this area of the world, interested in history or planning a visit to Scotland. 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you be able to:

  • Identify the types of Roman and Pictish remains that we can see and/or visit today.
  • Define the time period(s) Rome was interested in Caledonia.
  • Explain the linguistic and cultural landscape of the region at the time of Roman interest.
  • Develop an understanding of the Roman’s interest in the region.
  • Describe the three Roman invasions of Caledonia and what caused Rome to leave.

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

  • Anyone interested in history, the history of Scotland, the Roman Empire or the history of the Romans in Scotland.
  • People with heritage from this region wanting to learn about more about the history
  • Travelers to Scotland may want to use the information in this class to develop their itinerary. 


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