Activate Your Mind: Winter 2024

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Winter is coming, with all of its rainy, cold, dark glory. Make it brighter and way more interesting by taking a class! Fire up your brain with new ideas and skills during the dreariest days of the year. 

You can choose from exciting topics such as: art & photographylanguageswood craftboatingwritingmusic, and wellness. Prefer daytime classes? Check out our Broadway Hill Club, classes offered during the day, designed for seniors (open to all).    

For professional development, and more technical skills you might put to use outside of a job, check out topics such as: teachingthe tradescomputer technologybusinesscommunicationlawmarketingproject managementhealthcaremedical cannabisau pairs, and certificate programs. These classes are a relatively affordable way to get practical skills you can apply immediately without going through a more expensive degree program.

Class locations include our main Broadway Campus on Capitol Hill, the Wood Technology Center in the Central District, the Maritime Academy in Ballard, and online.   

For a quick brain workout, try our Winter Word Search!

Practical Skills

Chi Kung

Combining breathing and movement, Chi Kung acts like an internal massage for the organs while strengthening the limbs and the spine. Learn the 18 beautiful movements and the graceful Swimming Dragon exercise. Instructor: Richard Aries; Broadway Edison building.

Food & Cooking Through Science   

Become a better cook by understanding the science of food and cooking. This enchanting class is for home cooks and professionals. Instructor: Michael Silver; Broadway Edison Building classroom and the Culinary Academy kitchen.

Foundations of Project Management

Project management skills are essential in many professional roles, and can be a wonderful asset in your personal life. Learn how to reach the goals of any project successfully! Instructor: Howard Stolz; online.

Woodworking - Level 2

Continue learning the craft of woodworking and improving your skills. Enjoy building a side table! Instructor: Charlie Burch; Wood Technology Center.

Translation & Interpretation: Basics  

This is the essential course for anyone interested in becoming a professional translator or interpreter, and the first of the certificate program. Instructors: Teresa Ramón Joffre and Israel Perez Zamora; online.

Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture with Viva Farms

Want to start your own farm business? Get training to become a farmer! Check out Viva Farm's Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture. Apply by Feb. 16.

New Art Classes

Plein Air Painting Workshop

Enjoy the exhilarating practice of painting outdoors in this special two-session workshop; the second class is held at a special outdoor setting. Instructor: Georgetta Gancarz; Fine Arts Building.

Mixing Colors with Paint  

Learn how to use colors in your painting and improve your painting significantly. Instructor: Georgetta Gancarz; Fine Arts Building.

Winter is for Wood Carving

It can be if you want it to be, this winter! Check out what's in store:

Wood Carving: Animals

Discover the simple and fun hobby of carving! Instructor Saman Shojaei; Broadway Edison.   

Wood Carving: Fantasy Animals

Carve and paint your own unique “alebrije” animal figurine, a Mexican folk art from the state of Oaxaca. Instructor Saman Shojaei; Broadway Edison. 

Wood Carving: Hair Forks 

Learn how to carve your own one-of-a-kind hair fork! It’s a practical and beautiful object for people with long hair and makes a great gift. Or you can make wood jewelry or similar objects of beauty. Instructor Saman Shojaei; Broadway Edison.  

Language Learning: Light Up Your Mind 

Immersive yourself in language learning this winter! Each quarter our Language Academy offers a new mix of languages, levels, and fantastic instructors. Winter options: American Sign LanguageChineseEnglishFrenchGermanItalianJapaneseKorean, and Spanish.    

Translation & Interpretation is the professional training side of our language programs.  

 Info Sessions: Get the Scoop

Learn about upcoming classes, with plenty of time for Q&A in our free Info Sessions:  Translation & InterpretationProject ManagementGrantwriting, and Healthcare Certification Training See ALL free sessions.

Thank you so much for taking part in this kind, generous, engaged learning community. Students, instructors, partners, and community members, we appreciate you immensely!  

- Continuing Education Team at Seattle Central College