Wood Carving: Animals

Wood Carving Animal photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Student Reviews

"Had a lot of fun wood carving and wanna do more of it, so this class helped me pick up a new hobby!!!"

"The class progressed at the perfect level starting from very easy to reasonably challenging! The prof was so passionate and helpful and asked for feedback during classes and incorporated it instantly.” 

"Such a fun new hobby!” 

"Saman was a great instructor and led us in getting comfortable with wood carving." 

"Chill vibe; learned something cool.”

"Saman was really able to advise each student individually multiple times each class and tailor his instruction to where they were in the process. I loved how approachable he made carving and appreciated the examples he brought in of other things he's carved to give us inspiration."

"Saman is really kind and good at giving constructive advice. He's also incredibly skilled and patient. The class was interesting and engaging."

"Saman was informative, personable, and showed a lot of care for his students."

"Quite literally among the top 5 best college classes I've ever taken."

Class Overview

Whittling is a simple and fun hobby that many people all over the world enjoy. In this interactive class, learn how to use the tools, select wood for your project, make the basic cuts, and use proper whittling techniques. Enjoy whittling small animals that you will treasure for years and they also make wonderful gifts. In this class, we also learn how to sharpen and hone your tools to keep them razor-sharp. Discover a new interest through this fun, hands-on, engaging class! No previous whittling experience required.


Supplies Needed (Students must bring the items listed below to the class)

  • Whittler’s detail knife / sharpen carving knife (Recommended: KN13 Flexcut knife)
  • Thumb guard and cut-resistant gloves
  • Pencil
  • Optional: Leather honing strop with polishing compound (Recommended: BeaverCraft Leather Honing Strop with Polishing Compound LS2P1SR41 3”x 8” double-sided 


Learning Objectives

  • Obtain basic knowledge of whittling
  • Understand use of tools
  • Whittle with confidence
  • Be familiar with how to select woods depending on projects
  • Make the basic cuts and techniques
  • Understand how to sharpen the tools


Who Might Enjoy This Class

  • Anyone interested in trying the art of whittling
  • People looking for a new hobby, creative outlet or craft to do with your hands
  • People who are new in using carving tools
  • Anyone who would like to make small animals from wood



Class Details


Spring 2024

  • When : Thursday, May 02 to May 23 ; 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Location : SC0BE , SC - BE - Cont Edu - BE1139B , 1701 Broadway Seattle WA 98022
  • Fee : $169