Spring Classes: Cultivate Curiosity

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Welcome spring by learning something new! 

As the flowers begin to poke up their heads, and the days get longer and brighter, we invite you to seek out a fresh new perspective by taking a class. Explore a topic that fascinates you, gain fresh skills, or get involved in rewarding activities and opportunities.

See a few new classes and spring highlights here, and be sure to browse the full spectrum of colorful options with over 100 classes being offered. 

You'll find options for both in person and online formats -- check details on each class' web page. We recommend that you register early to ensure your spot in class!

Food & Cooking Through Science   

Become a better cook by understanding the science of food and cooking. This enchanting class is for home cooks as well as professionals.       

Baking Fundamentals: Cookies, Cakes, Custards & More

Learn how to make a variety of beautiful and delicious baked treats in this fun hands-on class. Impress your family, friends, and yourself!   

Instructor: Michael Silver; Capitol Hill.

Plein Air Painting Workshop 

Celebrate spring by painting outdoors! Immerse yourself in the exhilarating practice and time honored tradition of "plein air" painting in a special two-session workshop.     

Instructor: Georgetta Gancarz; in person.    

Wood Carving: Fantasy Animals

Practice the art of whittling! In this hands-on class, carve and paint your own one-of-a-kind “alebrije” animal figurine, a Mexican folk art tradition from the state of Oaxaca.

Instructor: Saman Shojaei

Sumi: Chinese Watercolor Painting

Have you ever been moved by the beauty of Chinese art? Learn about the unique philosophy and aesthetics while experiencing the elegance of Sumi-style watercolor painting and calligraphy.     

Instructor: Yu-Ming Zhu; online.    

Block Printing

Explore the creative, rewarding, fun art of block printing! This class will teach you how to use linocut to create prints.

Instructor: Saman Shojaei

Foundations of Project Management

Project management skills are essential in many professional roles, and can be a wonderful asset in your personal life, too. Become familiar with the basic tools to manage any project successfully!     
Instructor: Howard Stolz; on Capitol Hill.    

Accelerated Project Management Certificate 

Develop skills to plan, manage, execute, and finish a project competently using the most effective project management tools. This practical in-depth certificate course spans spring and summer quarters -- an excellent and cost effective way to gain advanced skills quickly. This course is only offered spring and fall.           

Instructor: Jim O'Donnell; online.

Broadway Hill ClubBroadway Hill Club: Weekday Classes for Older Students

For spring you'll find an interesting mix of daytime classes to inspire exploration. Classes include:


Designing & Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Software engineers, would like to improve processes working with cross-functional teams? Gain the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement systems development using Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing in this exciting new class. Empower teams to work better! This course is excellent preparation for the Azure DevOps Solutions 400 certification exam.     

Instructor: Jish Nath; online. 

Language Academy

Each quarter offers a new mix of languages, levels, and top notch instructors. Spring options: KoreanAmerican Sign LanguageChineseEnglishFrenchGermanItalianJapanese, and Spanish              


Explore Translation & Interpretation classes for practical professional training. 

Info Sessions

Learn about the following classes and programs, with plenty of time for Q&A: 


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