Winter Classes, Learning & the "Aha!" Moment

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Learning is such a vital human experience. When you're struggling to understand or to do something unfamiliar, it can feel uncomfortable. It does not make sense, and you can't figure it out -- but you stick with it. Then suddenly you understand - aha! - and things click into place.

New Neural Pathways & Brain Plasticity

That “Aha!” moment is your brain creating a new neural pathway. It's like a lightbulb turning on in your head, functioning at the electrical, chemical and biological level. And it feels great!

Learning something new helps your brain stay healthy and flexible so you can maximize your potential. Brain adaptability, called neuroplasticity, can be profoundly beneficial in many other ways, too, such as helping your brain repair itself from injury, improving depression and anxiety, and making ongoing learning easier.

"Encouraging the brain’s neuroplasticity is the key to sustained adult learning and emotional intelligence, which will help the brain remain open-minded, intuitive and able to overcome biases throughout adulthood," explained Nueroscientist Tara Swart (Forbes Magazine, 2018).

That sounds pretty cool! Check out the resources list below to learn other amazing things about brains and learning.

Winter Classes

During the dreary days of winter, taking a class can be an illuminating experience. It can light up a dim day with positive feelings, and the grey matter of one’s brain with the spark of learning.                                                                                                                                                   
This winter, most classes meet online through Zoom, so you can participate from the comfort of home, and bring along a hot beverage, warm slippers, or fluffy cat. You can sign-up with a friend and make it a date (something we’ve heard that people do!).

You'll find new levels and topics in artphotography and languages

Several classes this winter are meeting in person, such as boatingwoodworking, Residential Construction, Self Defense 101, The Art of Breathing & Healthy Movements, Italian 1Designing the Compelling Photograph (hybrid), AutoCAD, and Flagging & Traffic Control, to give you hands-on face-to-face experience. Check individual classes to see details.

You'll find the most new classes in job skills (though you might use these skills outside of the work arena). Formats vary and many are self-paced, to do on your own schedule. Subjects include: business, project managementcomputer techhealthcarelawmarketing & communicationteachingtrades, medical marijuana, and certificate programs.

The majority of classes begin the first days of the new year. One class happens in December, just in time for winter holidays: Holiday Cards in Watercolor, December 2 & 9, 6-8pm.

To ensure your spot in a class, please register early to help teachers and staff plan for you (especially with holidays coming up). 

FREE Workshops

Interested in this field but would like to know more?  Come to a free online information session! Please email for the Zoom link.
DATE: Thursday, December 16; 5:30-7pm

Gain knowledge, skills and confidence for your sense of safety at the college and everywhere you go. No registration is required - just show up online! Led by Continuing Education Instructor, Joanne Factor. Join one or both.
2 DATES: Thursday, Nov. 18; 2 p.m. and Monday, Nov. 29; 2 p.m. Click here for Zoom link.

Resources on Learning and the Brain

The brain is fascinating. Much is not known about it, still, but we each have one we can use as a test case. Here's some great reading if your brain wants more:

Get Ready for A Good 2022

Winter is coming and that means a whole new set of classes begin. Now's a great time to browse the diverse options and see what lights up your brain. Treat yourself, and your precious brain, to the invaluable experience of learning.  


Liza Burke, Marketing Manager