Autocad 2022 Certificate

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Class Overview

Gain the drafting and design skills needed to compete in the rapidly changing 21st century global workplace and discover the world of Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD).

This course is designed to prepare you to qualify for entry level AutoCAD® drafting positions. It can also help experienced drafting personnel assume more senior AutoCAD® positions and gain confidence in your software skills. 

Gain significant hands-on experience in learning sequenced to build on previous classroom/lab and work experiences. This certificate includes AutoCAD 2021 - Level 1AutoCAD 2021 - Level 2 and AutoCAD 2021 - Level 3 classes.

Learning Outcomes

•    Establish a basic understanding of the AutoCAD software •    Learn introductory techniques •    Gain insight into industry best practices

Who Should Take This Course?

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills (able to use the keyboard and mouse) and the ability to comprehend English. •    Individuals interested in competing for entry-level drafting positions •    Seasoned professionals that would like to improve their confidence and skills with this software


Class Details

This class is held online by videoconferencing twice weekley on Tuesday and Thursday. It is led by an instructor(s) in real-time as an interactive class experience. To attend and participate fully you will need access to a computer with two monitors or an extra wide with video and a microphone, high-speed internet connection, and please download and install AutoCAD 2022 before class starts. The class is in Window 10, the preferred OS. Instructions to access the class will be emailed to you by the instructor or staff member before the class begins. Note: part of this class might be recorded, for the students and instructor to use for review only; recordings will be deleted after the end of the quarter.


Winter 2022

  • 23 Tuesdays, Thursdays ; Jan 04 to Mar 22 ; 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Location : ; Room TBA
  • Fee : $2099
  • Class ID : 38875 ; SKU : 33147