Who’s Who On Our Fall Brochure Cover

Fall Brochure cover

Have you been wondering "Who are those beautiful people in the little circles?" Now's your chance to find out!

Charlie Beck

Read about Charlie and check out his classes for fall:

  • Appalachian Singing
  • Old Time Fiddle for Beginners
  • Old Time Fiddle – Intermediate
  • Ukulele for Beginners
  • Ukulele – Intermediate

Book Publishing Student

This student published a book through Georgetta Gancarz's Book Publishing Arts series - congratulations, Omar! Read about Georgetta and check out our related classes for fall:

  • Visual Arts
  • Design and Photography
  • Writing

Encaustic Painting Student

This student created her beautiful piece of art in Georgetta Gancarz's Encaustic Painting class. Read about Georgetta and her classes for fall:

  • Abstract Painting
  • Book Publishing Arts – Part 1
  • Cold Wax and Encaustic Painting
  • Painting for Everyone
  • Painting Portraits of Color
  • Palette Knife Painting

Painting & Drawing Instructor Peter Barth

Read about Peter and check out his classes for fall:

  • Drawing – Beginning
  • Drawing – Intermediate
  • Acrylic Painting – Beginning
  • Acrylic Painting – Intermediate
  • Cartooning and Caricatures
  • Fantasy Illustration: Creatures and Characters
  • Zoological Illustration

Dee Williams

Read about Dee and learn more about her fall training:

  • Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hour Certification

Student in Yoga Teacher Training

This student brings to life the Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hour Certification course and represents our diverse selection of fitness, movement, health and wellness classes for fall.

Instructor Yara Rodriguez

See her class for fall:

  • Day of the Dead Makeup and Flower Crowns

American Sign Language Students

Take a look at our ASL courses for fall:

  • American Sign Language – Level 1
  • American Sign Language – Level 2
  • Brain Fitness with American Sign Language - part of our Senior Series
  • Essential ASL Skills for Volunteer Work

Or explore all of our language classes.

Instructor Vivian Vassall

Read about Vivian and check out her classes for fall:

  • Run Your First 5K
  • Run Your First Half Marathon
  • Run Your First Marathon

Photography Classes

Stock photo of a photographer! Is that fitting or weird? Anyway, check out our real-time photography classes you can take via video conferencing:

  • Beginning Black and White Film Development
  • Designing the Compelling Photograph
  • Focus on Composition in Photography
  • Focus On Nature and Conservation Photography
  • Turn Your Art Into Greeting Cards – and Sell Them

... and take a look at the full list, including self-paced classes.

THANK YOU to all participants and photographers! Special thanks to photographer Bob Hereford and art instructor Georgetta Gancarz (who took several photos) -- as well as ALL of our instructors and students for making these classes possible.