Alex Chubotin

Art Instructor Alex Chubotin - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Alex Chubotin is an award-winning professional artist. He works on commissions in illustration and sculpture.

He received his formal art education in the former Soviet Union from The National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, Ukraine.

Student Reviews

"Great teacher, positive and clear instruction."

"Alex is a good role model and a good person to check in with on drawing and other artistic matters."

"The instructor has excellent credentials and is able to help each student at their own level."

"The professor took his time with each student. He encouraged improvement and always helpful."

"The instructor was great! Always very helpful and I feel very inspired to draw more!"

"Alex encourages artistic growth through his knowledge, professionalism, and dry wit. He takes the fluff out of art and attempts to teach objective sight and a sense for the harmonious relationships that create the human form."