Geno Vergara

Instructor Genoveva Vergara Mendoza's photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Geno has always been passionate about education and teaching. Her studies include a bachelor's degree in pedagogy at the University of Colima, a master's degree in educational research, and a certificate program for Teaching Spanish as a Second Language at the Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México. She has also delved into information sciences. Driven to enhance her expertise from an academic library perspective, she embarked on a Ph.D. in information sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

Geno has extensive experience in higher education, serving as a professor, librarian, and researcher. Currently based in the state of Washington, she passionately combines her dedication as a Spanish teacher with her role as a faculty librarian at Northwest University.

Geno's personal interests include literature, cultural exploration, and educational technology. Her diverse background gives her a unique perspective that enriches her students' educational experience.

Teaching Style & Class Formats

Geno fosters a supportive learning environment in her classes. She promotes active discussion and class participation, employing various tools such as visual aids, media, group projects, songs, and interactive activities. The class environment is characterized by respect and motivation.