Jishnu Nath

Jith Nath

Jish Nath has spent 30 years in the information technology industry, nearly two decades of which were in various roles at Microsoft. He is a local consultant who has matured through various stages of data management projects. HIs academic background in in engineering -- he earned double masters in engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His most recent experience with big data was at T-Mobile using the Quality of Experience data which occurs at 100,000 transactions per second, using SPARK, SPLUNK, ELK, and Cassandra.

Some of Jish's accomplishments at Microsoft that are relevant to this topic include: Inventory Analysis for NA Retail Channel, Returns Process for LATAM, MSN Merchants Ads Inventory, Microsoft Office BI SME leading up to allowing people to “Try before Buy” products, managing vendor (eBay, Amazon, CNET) data feeds leading up to modern day Microsoft Store, earning recognition for his white paper on Data Mining for Sales Process, and then again for this paper on how to implement BI in the world of manual spreadsheets.

Jish is excited to share all of this experience with you!

Jish's Teaching Style & Approach

Jish's course includes lecture, demonstrations and hands-on practice. He uses visual aids such as slides, videos, props and hand-outs. He encourages participation through group interaction, special projects, hands-on labs, tours, games, discussion and songs. There will be some assignments.

Jish’s approach to teaching has a few signature characteristics. First, as a technician he blends all tools whenever these become applicable. Second, as an architect, he likes to contextualize his teachings to many of the industry verticals. Last but not least, as a consultant, he cares about how to make this course impactful for your own business outcomes.

Jish's Resources

Recommended book: “Big Data MBA” by Bill Schmarzo  (ISBN  978-1-119-18111)