Amanda Layton

Instructor at Seattle Central College

Amanda Layton teaches American Sign Language. She first worked as an interpreter, receiving a Certificate in Interpreting in 2010 and working all around Washington State for 10 years. Then she began teaching Continuing Education classes with local colleges.

She enjoyed her experience in the classroom so much that she decided to pursue teaching full time. She has been teaching at a local high school for more than eight years now.

Amanda is passionate about American Sign Language and enjoys watching students develop and refine their language skills. She says, "I encourage all students to attend local events, meet community members, and use their ASL as often as possible."

Teaching Style

Amanda's first time learning ASL was through a Deaf teacher, and she recognizes the importance of that experience. She explains, "I feel it is my responsibility as a hearing teacher, teaching a language that is not my own, to replicate a classroom that is similar to that of a Deaf teacher." 

This means her lessons are taught completely in ASL. Amanda says, "Don’t worry! I make classes very adaptable, easy, and engaging. I believe that learning a language in an immersive environment is the best way to learn." 

Her classes are highly interactive. Students practicing signing with other students, play games, have fingerspelling warm-ups, and more. Amanda says, "I know you will walk out of my class smiling and laughing from the learning that just took place!"

Student Reviews

"Amanda is amazing! She is very accommodating and kind."

"Class and instructor are amazing."

"Amanda's presentation style and interactive games are the best!"

"Amanda is an amazing professor and she makes the material fun and easy to learn."

"Amanda is the bomb."

"Amanda is an amazing instructor!"

"Amanda is an amazing teacher and person!"