Terri Hsing

Instructor Terri Kuo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Terri is from Taiwan (Republic of China) where Chinese culture has a heavy influence. Since grade school, she pursued traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy and was taught by a wide range of instructors in one-on-one settings. Many years later, she was admitted into the Applied Art Program in Fu-Jen Catholic University for my BA. After my time at Fu-Jen, she taught fine art and commercial design in a vocational school for three and half years. 

Terri moved to the States in 2001, and started to build her American experience on top of her own culture and values. For the past 18 years, most of her job experiences were centered around cultural teaching in communities around her. She taught art classes at public schools for 10+ years and Chinese language/culture classes for right years in heritage schools.

As a teacher in a heritage Chinese school, she was chosen to be an overseas culture teacher by the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Organization (TECO) in Seattle for nine years. More recently, she became a substitute teacher in the Evergreen School District in Vancouver, WA, teaching in art-centered classes.

Terri's Teaching Style

In her own words, Terri describes her teaching style:

"To help people understand Chinese visual arts and culture, my teaching style demonstrates dedication to fostering a positive learning environment to all students and maximizing individual student performance. The lessons I teach are centered around step-by-step development to help students enjoy creativity and diversity.

Since I was young, I have admired nature and was inspired to create art that expresses beauty centered around the natural world. Outside of painting, I enjoy reading, hiking, playing tennis, traveling, and observing nature. I believe that life ought to be spent on beautiful things and this is evident in all my creations.

I provide a positive and friendly learning environment to all students. I hope they can enjoy the lessons, not only learning art skills, but also showcasing their practice works with classmates before the end of each lesson."

She uses demonstration, hands-on practice, PowerPoint presentation, lectures, pictures, and videos. Terri will provide all the hand outs, demo videos, class link resources, and assignments in the online classroom.