Residential Construction Program: Part 1

Residential Construction photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Student Reviews

"This program gave me greater knowledge, better understanding and a space to hone my skills, plus a network with other students that, I hope, will benefit our careers in the future."

"The experience helped me navigate a career change. I was able to use the program to start as an apprentice with a homebuilder and then leverage my new knowledge with my other professional experiences to move into a PM position."

"The instructor was of great help and full of knowledge. The fun part was using the shop and learning with others from different fields."

"The mixture of classroom and hands-on learning provided an opportunity to apply the techniques we were learning in person and get immediate feedback. The informal setting allowed everyone to ask questions as we went along, allowing each person to get insights on other projects/jobsites/approaches."

"Gave me a much-needed confidence boost! I feel like I have the fundamentals that I will need to bring with me into troubleshooting both in the office and on the jobsite."

"I highly support this program and would 100% do it again. I would recommend this path to anyone looking to make a career transition or increase their industry knowledge to grow in their career."

"I've gained a lot of confidence in how to approach projects and communicate about project requirements."


Demand for workers with residential building skills in the Seattle area is enormous, and jobs can be rewarding and well-paying. This new certificate program provides hands-on career training in “whole building” residential construction.

Designed to put your skills to work in the field, this program is open for people with no experience, as well as anyone currently working in construction who would like to take their career to the next level.

Learn foundational construction skills, gain experience with tools and materials, develop carpentry skills, and build interior and exterior finishing skills. Lecture, discussion, and written materials will prepare you to take the Carpentry Basic Certification exam.

Gain the knowledge and experience for gainful employment and advancement in residential construction.

Learning Objectives

  • Week One - Introduction 
  • Week Two -  Hand Tools 
  • Week Three - Hand Power Tools 
  • Week Four -  Stationary Power Tools
  • Week Five -  Wood and Wood Products 
  • Week Six -  Fasteners
  • Week Seven - Jobsite Safety and Construction Aids
  • Week Eight - Building Plans and Codes 
  • Week Nine -  Building Layout 
  • Week Ten -  Review

*** Course fee included most materials, except PPE.

Recommended Textbook

Residential Construction Academy Carpentry, 5th Edition. ISBN13: 9781337918503 and ISBN10: 1337918504. Available as a hard-cover book, e-book or MindTap. You can find it online through a bookseller of your choice.


You can READ MORE about the full Residential Construction Micropathway program on the Seattle Colleges website, and then return to this page to register.


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