Yiddish In Review: Levels 7 - 9

Yiddish text with a globe background

Class Overview

Review the vocabulary, expressions, and grammatical concepts introduced in Yiddish 7 through 9, in this engaging Yiddish language class. 

The emphasis in this class will be on practicing your language skills to strengthen your ability to use what you’ve learned.  Focus on speaking and listening comprehension, writing and reading ability, pronunciation, and a systematic review of grammar. 

Through materials such as songs, poems, newspapers, and colorful art displays, increase your language facility in a fun and interactive environment. Advance your skills by interacting with the instructor and fellow students in Yiddish.

This course will prepare you to move on to advanced Yiddish classes  in the future..

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Increase ability to read, write, and converse in more complex Yiddish. 
  • Gain more confidence and vocabulary to carry on a more advanced conversation 
  • Increase vocabulary 
  • Become more familiar with Yiddish culture and historical materials
  • Acquire vocabulary, phrases, and expressions from a wide range of topics
  • Develop conversational skills in exchanging information – introducing yourself, family, job, hobbies, your day, etc.

Who Should Take This Class?

Prerequisites: 7 quarters (105 hours) of Yiddish study or equivalent; it can also be a great preparation course for those who have completed 6 quarters of Yiddish (90 hours) and who wish to continue learning the language

  • Yiddish students who want to further their knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking Yiddish


Class Details