Japanese in Review - Levels 5-9

Japanese words written on a chalkboard

Class Overview

Enjoy a review of the vocabulary, expressions, and grammar concepts introduced in Japanese classes levels five through nine, as you continue to improve your language skills. Gain more confidence in having a conversation as you participate in a systematic review of grammar.

In this class, you can focus on your speaking ability and pronunciation, listening comprehension, as well as writing and reading skills. Review Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, along with Japanese grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and idiomatic expressions. Enjoy exploring traditional and modern Japanese culture in this interactive learning environment. 


Learning Objectives

  • Read, write, and speak in more complex Japanese
  • Use practical vocabulary and expressions in a variety of familiar topics
  • Converse with more confidence beyond just knowing Japanese words or phrases
  • Participate in conversations with native speakers of Japanese
  • Understand more about traditional and modern Japanese culture 


Who Might Enjoy This Class

Prerequisite: 7, 8 or 9 quarters (140, 160, or 180 hours) of Japanese study or equivalent 

  • Students who wish to continue learning Japanese and reviewing what they have learned 
  • Individuals who studied the book Japanese for Busy People on their own, and who need to review the contents in a welcoming interactive learning environment
  • Japanese language students who meet the prerequisite and would like to gain confidence speaking Japanese


Recommended Textbook

Japanese For Busy People I, 3rd Edition. Romanized Version ISBN: 978-1-56836-384-4 or Kana Version ISBN: 978-1-56836-385-1. You can find the book online or possibly at your favorite bookstore.  


Class Details