American Sign Language - Level 3

Signing in class

Student Reviews

"Very informative, and full of interesting history/etymology that helped solidify concepts."

 "I learned so much sign."


Class Overview

Practice American Sign Language and improve your skills. During this intermediate class, expand your American Sign Language vocabulary and cultural skills in order to communicate more effectively. 

Continue building upon the American Sign Language skills that you learned in our Level 2 course (or comparable level). Improve your understanding of narrative structure and movement agreement, including positions and actions. Explore role shift variations and types of classifiers in themes like incidents with the use of vehicles, dialogues about money and transactions, and explaining game rules.

Enjoy being a part of a community of learners while improving your ASL communication skills!


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion, learners should be able to understand, identify, and express:

  • targeted, context-specific commands, questions, and statements in American Sign Language
  • a broader base of ASL vocabulary including daily activities, physical and personality descriptions, time, age, number signs and ASL idioms
  • appropriate use of ASL grammar including classifiers and spatial organization
  • general historical, etymological, linguistic and cultural aspects of ASL and American Deaf community


Who Might Enjoy This Class?

  • Students who have previously completed our Level 2 class
  • Anyone with intermediate American Sign Language skills, including comfort with fingerspelling and basic signs


Class Details


Spring 2024

  • When : Tuesday, Apr 09 to Jun 11 ; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Location : SC0BE , SC - BE - General Cls - BE4167 , 1701 Broadway Seattle WA 98022
  • Fee : $269