Marine Electrical Basics

Marine Electric Basics - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Class Overview

A bit anxious about your boat's electrical systems? Want to be more confident diving into them? This three-session class will cover both the basic theory and the beginner hands-on practical skills that you'll need to start working on your boat's electrical systems.  

The majority of the class time will be spent using tools or equipment, and you'll have plenty of time to ask questions of the instructor (no homework!). This will be project-based learning, and by the end of the class each student will have individually installed and tested AC and DC electrical systems on their own training board.

Learning Outcomes

In this class you will learn how to properly:

  • Use a digital multimeter on AC and DC electrical systems
  • Select wiring for AC and DC electrical loads
  • Strip, crimp, and heat-shrink wire connections of various sizes
  • Secure wiring in engine room and non-engine room spaces
  • Select over-current protection devices (fuses/breakers)
  • Route wiring through bulkheads

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Recreational boaters interested in learning more about their boat and feel more self-sufficient in their knowledge and ability
  • Boaters wanting to learn about their boat’s electrical systems and gain practical skills and experience working on them
  • Anyone wanting to deepen or refresh their knowledge and get their questions answered 


Class Details

This class is in person at the beautiful Seattle Maritime Academy located at: 4455 Shilshole Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107


Summer 2022

  • 4 Session; Jul 13 to Jul 21 ; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Location : SC -SMA General Class -SMA0111
  • Fee : $289
  • Class ID : 39032 ; SKU : 17649