Write Your Masterpiece

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Class Overview

Whether you’re struggling at the beginning, middle, or the end of your story, this class will spark fresh ideas, strengthen your skills, and offer encouragement. Master the practices that strong writers employ so that you, too, can write riveting fiction or memoir.

Throughout the class, we’ll read short pieces, do practice exercises, and share our work in a safe, supportive environment. Learn to write powerful settings, memorable characters, and authentic dialogue in window pane glass clear prose.

The atmosphere of the class will promote discussion and positive feedback and, through small breakout rooms on Zoom, students will connect much more than in a typical online class.

Write Your Masterpiece is an engaging class for writers of fiction and memoir, and promises to be fun, captivating, and informative.

Supplies Needed

Access to a computer and email to write and send documents.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between writing for yourself and writing for readers
  • Identify elements of strong writing and learn to employ them
  • Work through fear of writing emotionally difficult scenes
  • Understand the power of revision
  • Be inspired to finish a written piece, whether fiction or memoir
  • Connect with other writers and enjoy the support of a community

Who Might Enjoy This Class

  • Anyone who considered writing creatively at any time in their life
  • People who have begun a story (fiction or memoir) but haven’t finished it
  • All levels of writers are welcome!

Optional Textbooks & Resources

Bird by Bird by Ann Lamont may prove helpful; an essay you can read from that book is The Shitty First Draft.


Class Details


Spring 2023

  • When : Monday, Apr 03 to May 08 ; 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Location : Online
  • Fee : $169