Turn Your Art Into Greeting Cards and Sell Them

Turn Your Art Into Greeting Cards photo 3 - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Class Overview

Have you ever had a friend or family member say you should do more with your art? Have you ever imagined making money from your art? Explore one of the simplest, least expensive, safest ways to honor - and sustain - your artistic endeavors. Learn how you can make some return on the investment of time and money you put into art, by turning your art into greeting cards. 

Learn what makes the best greeting cards from 2d and 3d art and how to assemble a greeting card - what you need and where to buy it. Explore the power of going beyond just originals. Discuss how to photograph your artwork, if it is not already photography, to prepare it and duplicate it.

In this class we will explore pricing, selling online, working with stores and even licensing your art to third parties. The emphasis will be on removing hurdles so you can be making your own cards by the second session. This class is timed to prepare you in plenty of time for one of the best times of the year for greeting cards, the winter holiday season. Your design will work for all art mediums, 2d and 3d, from painting to photography, ceramics to woodworking.

Format: Hybrid

  • Day #1 meets on Zoom
  • Day #2 meets in person at Wood Technology Center (2310 S. Lane St, Seattle, WA 98144)

Bring the following items to class

  • [Do this before you come to the class] Email 5 photographs of examples of your art as candidates for use on your greeting cards by 10/27 to your instructor to share for feedback in the first class
  • 10 samples of your art (not originals!) as small photographic prints, 5x7 inches or smaller, (ideally mat or pearl finish, not glossy)
  • 10 scored, blank sheets of card stock (A7, A6 or A2 sized)
  • 2-sided tape applicator (Tombo or similar)
  • 10 matching or contrasting envelopes (sized to fit your folded card stock and available where you buy your card stock
  • 10 clear plastic, self-sealing enclosures (sized to fit your folded card stock and envelope)
  • 10 adhesive labels printed with © your name and contact information (email or website) or a rubber stamp

*** The materials we will use to assemble your own greeting cards can be purchased from most craft stores. If you have any question about the materials, please contact your instructor before you make the purchase.

Learning Objectives

  • Better select the pieces of your art that are the most suitable for greeting cards
  • Make a finished greeting card with your art
  • Set an appropriate price for your greeting cards
  • Sell your own greeting card directly
  • Contact a local store to have them sell your greeting cards
  • Understand the ins and outs of selling greeting cards online

Who Might Enjoy This Class

  • Anyone making art in any medium, 2d and 3d, painting to photography, woodworking to ceramics
  • Artists who want to make some return on their investment of time and money in their art
  • Anyone who wants to share their art with friends or loved ones
  • Artists who love seeing their art out in the world, being enjoyed by and having an impact on others  


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