Creating The Moment In Photography

Camera closeup

Class Overview

Bring your imagination to create original images through photography in this unique class. By planning your image, you can capture a unique moment that tells the story you want to communicate. 

Planning will help you arrange the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. Gain knowledge that will help your creative process. Explore topics such as depth of field, the use of natural light and filters, as well as the composition of location. 

The effort you put into isolating your subject will create the impact you are looking for. People will understand the story you are trying to communicate through your photo.  

All levels are welcome, from beginners to professional photographers. You'll always be at the right place at the right time to capture the photo you want to capture.


The instructor will review these with you in class.

  • Weather app – you can find this for free, or pay around $3.99 for an ad-free version
  • Photography planning app – approximately $ 9.99
  • Photography calculator app – you can find this for free, or pay around $3.99 for an ad-free version

Learning Objectives

  • Plan and execute the image from your mind to reality 
  • Find the perfect location to plan your shots
  • Plan the field of view and depth of field
  • Know with precision the time of sunset and sunrise on any place on the globe 

Who Should Take This Class? 

  • Anyone who has the desire to create original images that start with your imagination
  • All levels are welcome 
  • Beginner photographers – you can use your cellphone camera or DSLR but should have an understanding of your camera’s basic functions
  • Intermediate, amateur and professional photographers – bring your skills and build upon them to learn new approaches to your photography  


Class Details