Photo Styling - The Art Of Arranging

Photo Styling Image - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Class Overview

Most photographers work to capture what is in front of their lens, concentrating on camera settings and composition. Few take their work even further by carefully arranging, or styling, their subject, a very powerful next step that makes unique results, coming from the imagination. 

In the world of photography, some people specialize as Photo Stylists, hired just for their attention to and skills in arranging subjects. Get a glimpse into this world in this fun photography class! 

Practice right at home, or nearby in the outdoors, with natural or human-made materials. Create photographs like nothing you have ever made before. 

This class is for all photographers of any skill level using any digital camera, smart phone to mirrorless.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • arrange the objects in front of your lens
  • apply various surfaces, backgrounds and angles
  • experiment with different available lighting
  • understand the work of professional photo stylists
  • know the work of different photographers who concentrate on styling
  • be familiar with the principles of styling/arranging and composition
  • use tripods and remotes

Who Should Take This Class?

  • anyone with a passion for photography
  • anyone who wants to take their photography to a new, different and powerful level
  • anyone with very basic photography skills -- no experience required
  • anyone with any digital camera, smart phone to mirrorless


Class Details

Photo by Ray Pfortner