Painting For Everyone

Painting for Everyone student art photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Class Overview

Learn all the essentials in painting! This inspiring class is designed for the beginner to intermediate art student to develop all the basic techniques to become a proficient painter. Enjoy the guidance and instruction of a professional teacher and artist. You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Explore color mixing
  • Learn about the color wheel and basic color theory
  • Discover materials (acrylic, oil and watercolor paints and brushes) and learn how to use them
  • Learn about perspective, light and shadow, volume and texture, landscapes, and still life
  • Experiment with originality in art
  • Explore art history and styles in art such as studio and plein air, realism, impressionism, expressionism to modern styles
  • Enjoy an introduction to photo transfers, encaustic and palette knife painting
  • Paint from photographs, memory or imagination, and possibly have the chance to exhibit your work in a gallery in downtown Seattle (circumstances permitting).

The instructor has written and published books on painting and will share some of her material so support your learning.

Supplies Needed

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn basic color theory
  • Gain an understanding of the different painting mediums and tools
  • Discover basic painting theory and techniques
  • Create a painting under the direction of a professional artist
  • Exhibit your work in a gallery

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Beginning art students.
  • Intermediate art students who would like continued guidance from a professional artist.Anyone who would enjoy learning from a variety of media including real-time videoconferencing, written material, colorful photos and videos.
  • Art students who would like individual critique via email.


Class Details