Paint Pouring

Paint Pouring photo 2 - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Class Overview

Go with the flow! Experience the highly popular and exciting art of paint pouring. Paint pouring is a fun, creative, exciting, beautiful, and easy art.

Colorful, diverse, experimental, and free-flowing, paint pouring offers an almost infinite range of creative possibilities. Learn how to create beautiful, colorful, spontaneous, dynamic art that can yield results ranging from abstract to patterned designs. Results might look like marbling, cells, waves, clouds, galaxies, and beyond – the sky’s the limit!

These beautiful natural artworks can also be used to bring beauty, color, vitality, and life to any home or living space. We will cover a wide variety of paint-pouring techniques that give captivating results.  Master the art of paint pouring and bring home beautiful works of art and cherished memories.


Supplies Needed

See the supply list.

Learning Objectives

  • Familiarity with the basic tools and supplies to produce art with paint pouring
  • A variety of techniques to produce beautiful paint pours
  • Hue, value, saturation, contrast, composition, and movement in your paint pours
  • Ways to control your paint pours and to “go with the flow” to maximize the spontaneity of the medium
  • Color, color combinations, and paint mixtures
  • Maximize “cells” in your paint pours
  • Stacking colors
  • Applying a “Base Layer”
  • Modifying and enhancing your pour (before, during, and after it’s poured)
  • A wide variety of paint pouring techniques and styles, including: Dutch, open bottom cup, layered cup (dirty cup pour), traveling cup, swipe cup, strainer pour, bottle, maximized cell, and “swipe” pours including spatula and plastic wrap pours

Who Might Enjoy This Class

  • Anyone interested in time and space for creativity
  • People interested in learning a new dynamic art form
  • Anyone who would like to get experience in paint pouring and bring home some beautiful and colorful artwork


Class Details


Spring 2023

  • When : Monday, Apr 10 to Apr 24 ; 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm
  • Location : SC0FA , SC - FA - Art Studio - FA0402
  • Fee : $135