Cartooning And Caricatures

Drawing of animal mix Image by Quinton Delmar from Pixabay

Class Overview

Learn how to draw cartoons and caricatures! Enjoy a series of step-by-step demos that you can follow and draw along with at the same time. Learn all about the dynamic and expressive genre of cartooning. Skills will be presented in a series of step by step demos that you can follow and draw alongside.

Skills will include drawing anatomy, proportions, simplification, squash and stretch, movement, line of action, gestures, facial expressions, and more. You’ll also learn to draw caricatures, in which the exaggeration of a person or character brings out the personality and expression of that person, animal, or cartoon character.

Whatever drawing skills you have now, beginner to advanced, you will learn a lot about the fascinating genre of cartooning in this fun and informative class.


Supplies Needed

  • Pencils (Graphite): 2B pencil, 4B pencil, 6B pencil, & 8B (optional)
  • Woodless pencil (6B or 8B) optional
  • 70-90lb drawing paper pad - either 9&12" or 11x14"
  • White vinyl eraser
  • Mechanical eraser, or pink eraser on back of pencil (for detail erasing and drawing white lines on gray areas)
  • 3-4 (variety sizes) paper blending stomps
  • Pencil sharpener (preferably with shaving collector)


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Depict cartoon characters
  • Simplify and exaggerate to amplify comic effect
  • Depict characters in action through use of gesture and dynamic anatomy
  • Draw cartoon characters in their natural environments and interacting with each other!
  • Demonstrate motion and action in fantasy creatures
  • Depict the props, vehicles, and other elements of the environment in cartooning
  • Be able to produce caricatures of famous people or people you know though comic exaggeration
  • Utilize believable yet exaggerated forms and proportions


Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone who is interested in enriching their lives with the joy of cartooning
  • Drawers who would like to gain or improve their cartooning abilities and learn more about creating cartoons from scratch
  • Anyone who would like to bring more expressiveness to their drawing
  • Artists who would like to gain the foundational skills of cartooning
  • Anyone who would like to gain cartooning skills to tell a story or narrative in the future


Class Details