Cecilia Strettoi

Instructor at Seattle Central College

Cecilia Strettoi is a Italian language and literature instructor.

She loves sharing the language, history, literature, and culture of her homeland, offering her students an authentic and complex picture of Italy.

Cecilia grew up in Pisa, Tuscany, where she earned a master’s degree in Italian literature.

Her graduate studies focused on teaching Italian as a second language, and she has been teaching for over two decades.

Here at Seattle Central College's Continuing Education, she offers intermediate Italian language classes and seminars on travel and topics related to Italy.

Cecilia's Teaching Style & Approach

Cecilia's classes are engaging, student oriented, and animated.

She continually develops her teaching material to better meet the needs of her students.

Cecilia is passionate about sharing her love of her homeland of with people, and giving them an authentic and multi-layered understanding of the people, culture and history.

Student Reviews

"Awesome teacher; I learn a lot in her class; it’s challenging but it’s fun and has a great group of people."

"Cecilia is an excellent teacher who understands how to adjust her approach to meet the needs of each student."

“Cecilia is a fantastic Italian instructor and I learned so much!”

"Cecilia was a fantastic teacher - she did a great job balancing review of things we needed to work on with new material, and also conversation, culture, and grammar." 

"Cecilia is a fantastic instructor! Her enthusiasm for the subject and flexibility with our learning styles and abilities really made the class a positive learning environment."

"Her teaching style is excellent, and she made the class very fun."

"Cecilia Strettoi emphasizes helping each student improve and adapts her approach accordingly."