Italian Immersion - Level 5

Italian words written on a chalkboard

Class Overview

Italian language students, continue learning Italian in this early intermediate class. Review previous grammar structures and gain an introduction to some of the uses of subjunctive. 

Enjoy casual conversation and learning cultural notes about Italy. Continue to improve listening and speaking skills, grammar, and vocabulary through conversation, reading, media, and practice.

As a class we will also have the opportunity to attend Seattle Opera's production of the Barber of Seville by Rossini, enjoying discounted tickets with seats near the front. Enjoy a Seattle Opera hosted mixer for all the Italian classes in the Seattle area before the opera begins.

Learning Objectives

  • Review and expand on relative pronouns
  • Review direct and indirect pronoun, and learn how to use combined pronouns
  • Review and expand on the use of indicative and conditional moods
  • Learn present and past of subjunctive
  • Learn the present and past infinitive

Recommended Textbook

  • For Winter 2024 (Term 2241, January - March 2024): Opera! + online MP3 audio, by Alessandro De Giuli/Ciro Massimo Naddeo; Publisher: Alma Edizioni, Ean: 9788861823907 (paper version) or Ean: 9788861825338 (ebook)
  • For Spring 2024 (Term 2243, April - June 2024): No book needed. 

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisite: students who have completed Italian Immersion - Level 4, Italian - Level 4, or comparable education (indicative and conditional moods at an elementary level).

  • Italian language students who wish to improve their speaking, comprehension, and cultural understanding
  • Students who enjoy a more immersive language learning experience


Class Details