Italian - Level 5

Italian words written on a chalkboard

Student Testimonials


Awesome teacher; I learn a lot in her class; it’s challenging but it’s fun and has a great group of people.


Class Overview

Italian students, continue mastering the language in this level 5 class! If you've completed Italian 4 at Seattle Central or you have learned the basics of indicative and conditional moods, this class is for you. In this interactive class, enjoy an ongoing review of the previous grammar structures and learn about important uses of subjunctive. Through readings, audios, conversations, and drills we will:

  • Review and expand on present and past progressive
  • Continue to improve listening and speaking skills
  • Review and expand on relative pronouns
  • Review direct and indirect pronouns
  • Learn combined pronouns
  • Review and expand on the use of indicative and conditional moods
  • Learn present and past of subjunctive
  • Learn the present and past infinitive

A good portion of the class is devoted to conversation and cultural notes about Italy. Vi aspettiamo!!


Learning Objectives

  • Express more articulate personal opinions.
  • Formulate hypotheses about current or past events
  • Improve spontaneous conversation skills
  • Better understand current-day Italy


Textbook Needed 

The book below will be used for 6 levels of daytime Italian classes: Avanti Aski- Musumeci, Second Edition; ISBN 978-0-07-338624-9. Check online for best prices, or order through your favorite bookstore. 


Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisite: Four quarters (80 hours) of Italian study or equivalent

  • Students who have completed Italian - Level 4 at Seattle Central College, or that have covered at an elementary level the indicative and conditional moods
  • Italian students who wish to become more confident in understanding and speaking the language


Class Details


Spring 2024

  • When : Tuesday, Apr 09 to Jun 11 ; 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Location : Online , Zoom WA
  • Fee : $269