In the Classroom

Class Cancellation

We will run your class if the minimum number of students required are enrolled. If not, unfortunately, the class will be cancelled 2-6 business days prior to the start date.

For example: If the required minimum enrollment is 7 and no one is enrolled a few weeks after marketing has begun, the class might be canceled early. If 6 students are enrolled, we will wait until 2 days prior to the first class to decide on cancellation.

Before the First Class

As the start date of your class approaches, please check your email. Here’s what to expect: You will receive the roster and a list of students’ names and emails, 1-3 days before your class begins. The class confirmation will be sent by staff to all registered students, and you, 48 hours prior to the start time.

Online classes: email your Zoom link and any handouts to the students 1-2 days before your class starts. Please include Ashley as a “cc” in the email that you send: If any students register late, staff will forward the Zoom link to them.

Using the Instructor Computer & Projector

Most classrooms have a computer for you to use. You will need your College email login and password. Please don’t unplug any cables in the classroom. If you need to connect your laptop to the classroom projector, be sure to replace all cables exactly as you found them.

Classroom Tech or Email Support 

You will need to have your SCC email login/password ready to use the classroom computer and WIFI. 

  • If you need help with technology or your email, please contact the college’s Information Technology (IT) team (you will need your ctcLink ID/EMPL ID):
    IT Help Desk: (206) 934-6333
  • If you need help with Canvas, the college’s online education software used by some instructors, contact: 
    eLearning: (206) 934-4000 or

NOTE: IT and eLearning will not have your ID number (student ID/ctcLink ID/EMPL ID) or your account information. You can find your ID by following instructions for ctcLink on the Logistics page. Students can find their ID numbers in their class confirmation email (sent 48 hours before the first class).


Instructors, you are required to take attendance for all sessions of your class. This is for WA State regulations.

  • Submitting your attendance roster: Please email the completed attendance roster to Ashley: after the last day of your class. The easiest way to do that is to take a photo with your phone and send it by email.
  • CEUs: If any of your students need Continuing Education Units (CEU) for the class, please remind them that they need to meet the 80% attendance requirement.
  • Certificate of completion: Students who want this should visit our website and send an email with the relevant info.

Field Trips

Two forms are required if you have a field trip for the class. You can download them here or a staff member will email it to you with your student roster.

  1. Field Trip Authorization Form 
    This form must be submitted at least one week prior to the field trip for the director’s approval. 
  2. Assumption of Risk Agreement Form 
    This form must be filled out by each student on or before the field trip. Keep the forms with you, so you have the students’ emergency contact info during the field trip. Email the forms to Ashley: after the field trip.

Cancelling a Session and Rescheduling 

If you have an unexpected or emergency situation and need to cancel a class session unexpectedly, please keep your students’ contact info handy and inform them, and your program coordinator, immediately.  

If you know of an expected absence during a scheduled class session, please email us ASAP and send it to both and your program coordinator.

End of Course Evaluations

Staff will email a class evaluation to the students after the last session. Please encourage your students to fill out the quick online form. It is specific to our department (not generated from ctcLink). We will share the survey results with you after the quarter ends.

Booking Rooms

All classrooms must be booked in advance, per college policy. Please don’t use any rooms without booking, even if it’s empty.

Fine Arts Building (FA) 

If your class is in the FA building, we need to maintain a record of how the room is used. Please take three photos of the classroom BEFORE and AFTER each session of your class:   
1. room layout  
2. sink area   
3. acrylic paint disposal bucket.   

Please send the photos to Ashley: