Italian Immersion - Level 2

Italian words written on a chalkboard

Class Overview

Continue learning Italian and build on the skills you learned in Italian Immersion - Level 1 in a low-pressure and supportive atmosphere. This class is conducted 90% in Italian, with time reserved for questions in English.  

In this class, review the basics from Level 1, including grammar, syntax, pronunciation, phrases, and numbers. Expand your listening and speaking skills. Continue to build your vocabulary.

Learn more time expressions and  prepositions, along with -IRE verbs, the present perfect tense, and more irregular verbs.

Enjoy more complex conversations with your classmates, and build your confidence speaking and listening in Italian.

You will have the opportunity to attend the Seattle Opera production of Verdi’s La Traviata. This event is optional and will require the purchase of special discounted tickets.

Learning Objectives

  • Build upon your existing Italian language, grammar and syntax skills
  • Improve your vocabulary and learn important idiomatic expressions
  • Gain confidence in listening to and conversing in simple everyday Italian
  • Understand the present tense of -IRE verbs and the present perfect tense, and more irregular verbs
  • Gain an additional 300-500 vocabulary items.
  • Develop more confidence in being able to function independently in an all-Italian context

Textbook Needed

Essential Italian Grammar, ISBN: 9780486207797

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisite: Italian language students who have completed Italian - Level 1, Italian Immersion - Level 1, other beginning Italian classes, or equivalent experience.

  • Anyone interested in learning Italian beyond the first level
  • Students who enjoy a more immersive learning environment
  • People with ancestral roots in Italy who would like to better understand the language and culture of their relatives
  • Anyone planning on traveling to Italy in the future who would like to have some language skills for their visit



Class Details


Fall 2023

  • When : Thursday, Sep 28 to Dec 07 ; 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Location : SC0BE , SC - BE - Math Gen Cls -BE4183 , 1701 Broadway Seattle WA 98022
  • Fee : $269