Translation and Interpretation: Basics

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Student Reviews

"Both instructors are well experienced and it was challenging, but also all activities were really interesting and I had a great time."

"I enjoy the personalized answers depending of each student needs."

"I enjoy the story time and the methods used to teach us and to explain different topics, as well as the patience the instructors have with each of us."

"Educated teachers, tons of information."

"I was exposed to many new methods to improve and strengthen my interpretation and translation skills, as well as get information about how the business works, steps towards a career & clarity on what I would like my path to be."

"Both teachers were kind, knowledgeable and respectful. Would love to take classes with them again."

"The teachers were very well educated in the subject"

Class Overview

This is the essential course for anyone interested in becoming a professional translator or interpreter, and for people who work with them. In this beginning class, you will learn the basics of the translation of interpretation field.

Explore topics such as the roles of translators and interpreters, the process of translation and interpretation, different types of translation and interpretation services, important terms and concepts, and more. Explore the differences between machine translation, machine assisted translation, and computer aided translation tools. Become familiar with the field and prepare yourself for further study in translation and interpretation. 

This class is a great place to start to explore or begin an exciting career! It is part of our Tranlsation and Interpretation Certificate Program.

This class can also be a great way to learn about the field from a related role, if you work with translators and interpreters. 


Learning Objectives

  • Define the difference between translation and interpretation
  • Describe general knowledge, skills and abilities of translators and interpreters
  • Know different types of translation and interpreting services
  • Understand the important roles of professional translators and interpreters
  • Be familiar with local and national professional membership organizations
  • Understand the process of translation and interpretation
  • Know the concepts of consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, and sight translation
  • Analyze tone and register, and linguistic difficulties in written texts and spoken languages  

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and the ability to comprehend English and another spoken language at an educated near-native level. 

  • People who are bilingual or multilingual who would like to pursue a career as a professional translator or interpreter
  • Anyone who understands another language at a very advanced level (near-native to educated native level)
  • People who work with professional translators and interpreters
  • No previous translation and/or interpretation experience required



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