Woodworking - Level 1

Woodworking photo - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Student Reviews

"Enjoyed the whole thing, really. Building something from rough wood to finished product."

"Loved learning about how to use the equipment.”

"I enjoyed learning safety and techniques for power tool use."

"The woodworking shop is such an amazing resource."

Class Overview

Learn all about the basics of woodworking in this rewarding hands-on class!

You will learn how to use the main hand tools and power tools in the shop, as well as the important safety rules when using the equipment. Then you will practice on the equipment and make a three-legged stool while being guided at each step of designing, building and finishing your project.

Discover joinery techniques, the importance of sharp tools, when to use different kinds of fasteners and adhesives and basic methods of wood finishing.

The goal of the class is for students to gain confidence on the equipment so that they can work independently in the shop. This class is a prerequisite for Woodworking II. This class requires a minimum age of 18.

In this class, you will learn:

  • shop safety, including personal protection in the wood shop
  • the properties of wood and how that informs the selection and milling of lumber
  • how to properly use hand tools (hand saw, block plane, chisel, and hammer) and power tools (hand drill, router, drill press jointer, planer, and table, miter, and band saws).
  • We'll also focus on joinery techniques, the importance of sharp tools when using different kinds of fasteners and adhesives, and basic methods of wood finishing.

Week 1: Please bring a notebook and pencil to the first class. 

Weeks 2-10:  Students will be required to bring their own Personal Protection Equipment (safety glasses, hearing protection) for all remaining classes.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the basics of woodworking
  • Explore the different tools used and learn how to use them safely
  • Create a class project 

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

  • Students who would like to learn the basics of woodworking
  • Anyone interested in gaining experience with woodworking tools


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