Marco Wilhelm

Instructor Marco Wilhem - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Marco is originally from Saarland, a small state in Germany. He studied in both Germany and Spain, receiving a Master's Degree in German, English and Spanish, and later a certification for teaching German as a foreign language.

He started to teach German in Spain in 1998, and also worked for several years as a language instructor at a Volkshochschule (Adult Education Center) in Frankfurt, Germany. There he assisted German language students from all over the world with all levels of their second-language acquisition and prepared them for German language exams.

In 2016, Marco started teaching German at Bellevue College and began teaching for Seattle Central College in 2023. 

Teaching Style & Approach

Marco finds it a fascinating and instructive experience to look at one's own first language from the outside. He explains, "There is so much you can learn by teaching. It is an always new and ever-changing process, and everybody learns differently. Therefore it never becomes boring, and you are never done learning when you teach."

The goal of Marco's classes is to learn the German language, but he wants the journey to be fun. Group activities and games are part of the classroom experience whenever it is possible to keep things lively and engaging for everyone.