German - Level 2

German words written on a chalkboard

Class Overview

Continue learning German in this interactive class. Begin to master simple conversations and improve your vocabulary. Improve your ability to read, write and understand basic phrases and expressions in German. Practice speaking, listening and improving your comprehension as you build everyday vocabulary and expressions. Enjoy the company of other students with a similar level of German.You will also have the opportunity to learn more about traditional and modern German culture. Completion of basic German (1 quarter) or preexisting knowledge of German vocabulary and simple grammar is required. 


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Continue developing essential speaking and listening skills for simple conversations
  • Understand basic grammar
  • Use everyday vocabulary and expressions
  • Have an increased understanding of traditional and modern German culture


Recommended Textbook

Deutsch: Na klar! 7th Edition. ISBN-13: 978-0073386355


Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisites: 1 quarter (20 hours) of German study or equivalent

  • Travelers, business people, family and friends of German speakers, or anyone who is interested in German culture
  • Anyone who would like to know how to greet and have small conversations with native German speakers


Class Details