New Law Benefits Medical Cannabis Patients & Stores

Cannabis News Summer 2024 - - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

By Trey Reckling, Academy of Cannabis Science

Medical cannabis is making a rebound thanks to a new law and excise tax exemption in Washington State. 

June marks the start of the rollout of the newly signed law signed by Governor Jay Inslee, HB1453-S, that allows qualifying patients to be exempted from paying the 37% excise tax on medical cannabis products. Big news!

It is not just a major financial advantage for patients, who should have never been taxed on their cannabis medication. It's also a boon for cannabis stores throughout the state, now gearing up for new business. 

Not all stores will benefit. Cannabis stores will be able to participate if they are medically endorsed, have certified medical consultants on staff, and are stocked with medically endorsed products.

We have already heard from a number of retailers and patients excited for this change. Industry professionals are forecasting an increase in patient enrollment, retail store participation, and new medically compliant products entering the market. 

For a quick and easy guide about how this law affects retailers, check out the Alliance's at-a-glance one-page resource and find additional information from WA State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Medical Cannabis Education & Training

The Academy of Cannabis Science, in partnership with Seattle Central College's Cannabis Institute, has been committed to patients for years, and has trained what we believe are among the best prepared consultants in the state through our Medical Cannabis Consultant Certification course, and related classes. We make learning fun, and bring in doctors, nurses, lawyers, growers, and other industry professionals to participate in robust live chats with students throughout the month.

Enrollment is simple. Go to the Cannabis Institute page to get started. Discounts of 20% are offered for bulk enrollment of five or more!

If you are a patient, a cannabis store employee, or a store owner or manager, you can be part of this sea change. Let us help make it simple to acquire proper medical cannabis certification for yourself, your store, or your favorite cannabis shop. 

Thank You 

We want to give a huge thank you to the Cannabis Alliance and its allies who fought for this law change. 

June 26, 2024