Introduction To Memoir Writing

Class Overview

Start telling your life story!

From ideas to notes to messy first drafts to final polish, we'll cover the basics, writing together in class and writing on our own in between.

Sharing will be encouraged, but optional. We will practice the art of supportive, insightful feedback.

There will be handouts and/or reading suggestions. You will be expected to write between classes, although there will be no required writing quota.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overcome fears about writing and get started
  • Find your voice and learn to write comfortably and confidently as yourself
  • Discover your story through writing
  • Learn to treat your writing seriously and with respect
  • Learn to think, observe, interview and read as a writer
  • Learn how to share your writing with others
  • Learn the tools of the trade, some of which memoirists borrow from fiction writers, others from journalists and still others from poets

Who Should Take This Class?

  • This class is for anyone who wants to write about their lives
  • Open to writers at all levels

Student Testimonials

"The instructor is knowledgeable, kind, and organized. Great info and wonderful feedback."

"Wonderful group of writers in the class."

"I enjoyed the writing prompts, the 1:1 and the peer reviews were beyond inspiring. Loved every minute of class."

"In addition to generously offering a one-on-one meeting with her, Ann gave us thought-provoking, creative exercises every week that inspired and encouraged us." -- Denis Adair

"I appreciate how Ann built the course through themes and topics giving specific examples and readings that helped me integrate the material into our writing." -- Carol O'Dell

"Your experience as a writer and teacher beautifully informs the class. I especially appreciate the balance of direction and freedom -- not too much direction, just enough to trigger thoughts. I also appreciate the selection of directives -- to the point, the essence of what is important. They will remain guideposts for me in future writing." -- Ellen Taussig


Class Details

This class is held online by videoconferencing. It is led by an instructor(s) in real-time as an interactive class experience. To attend and participate fully you will need access to a computer or device with video and a microphone, plus high-speed internet connection. Instructions to access the class will be emailed to you by the instructor or staff member before the class begins.


Note: part of this class might be recorded, for the students and instructor to use for review only; recordings will be deleted after the end of the quarter.


Winter 2022

  • 6 Tuesdays ; Jan 11 to Feb 15 ; 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Location : SCONL; Room Online
  • Fee : $169
  • Class ID : 38851 ; SKU : 32214